SD MDVR 4Ch [Alpha I]

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• Mobile Digital Video Recorder [Alpha I]
• H.264 compression encoding PAL: 100fps
• 4 Channel D1/960H/AHD 720P video
• 1 Channel IPC 1080P HD
• Gravitational sensor (G-Sensor)
• 2 x 128Gb Secure Digital (SD) cards
• 1 x Port RS485 interface
• 2 x Port RS232 interfaces
• 3G** or 4G** Global System Mobile (GSM)
• Global Positioning System (GPS)**
• 2 x Wi-Fi** (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz)

Shipping anywhere in South Africa                   *7 days Money-back guarantee

Dual SD card MDVR

3G or 4G, GPS and WiFi

Dual 128Gb Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) with 4 video options D1/960H/720P audio & video recording and replaying specially designed for vehicles, maximum 4 ways of AHD 720P and 1 IPC HD camera full-framed recording supported. The mobile MDVR adopts ARM DSP fast dual-core processor running on the Linux embedded Operating System, and also integrates the most advanced H.264 video encoding and decoding, 3G or 4G network capability, GPS and WiFi, as well as fail-safe protection, wide voltage features. It is characterized by strong functionality, good scalability, good stability and high performance cost.

Vandalism, false insurance claims, vehicle theft and crime are major concerns for thousands of motorists in the South Africa. Your MDVR recorder will capture all the moments in front of you, without arousing the interest of the person behind the wheel or on the road. Using MDVR video surveillance as evidence protects you from theft and vandalism caused by both others, and your staff. In addition, recorded video footage proves to be useful for protecting your vehicles and drivers against crime and false accusations. Spoken words fly away, written words remain, so does videos.

The device offers video recordings for vehicles including; Standard and AHD Cameras, MDVR Recorders and Accessories.  Vehicle cameras are proving their worth, providing individuals and businesses HD video evidence in conflicts. Many fleets are opting to vehicle cameras to prevent equipment theft. Vehicle cameras provide HD video surveillance and they are designed for use in transport and commercial vehicle industries. Vehicle cameras can be fit on taxis, buses, vans and trucks.

* You may be eligible to receive a full refund (excluding the installation fee) within 7 days following the day of installation provided your reasons don’t contradict with the Refund Policy