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Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR)
1 x 1Tb Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
2 x AHD External Camera
1 x AHD Dual Camera
1 x 7" TFT Monitor
G-Sensor + GPS + 4G + Wifi
Free Installation ~ Certified Technician

Shipping anywhere in South Africa                   *7 days Money-back guarantee

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  • Provide proof against insurance claims such as ‘crash-for-cash’ scams.

  • Reduce insurance claims and premiums.

  • Protect drivers who may be wrongfully accused of an incident.

  • Provides irrefutable evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings

  • Improve the driving standards.

  • Deter theft, violence and vandalism.

  • Increase the bottom line.

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  • Embedded compact design, low power, high efficient H.264 compress, high reliability.

  • 4CH 720P HD supports up to 2TB hard disk & 128GB SD card.

  • Global Positioning System ( GPS)**

  • Fourth Generation (4G)** Cellular Network

  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)**

  • G-Sensor Accelerometer for Movement Detection.

  • 7" Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Monitor.

  • Data protection during power loss with a backup battery (optional).

  • External ports, incl. 2x RS232, 2x RS485, 8x alarm in & 2x alarm out ports.

  • With a hard disk installation and with reliable anti-shake protection system.

  • Export of video recordings directly via USB port.

  • Dragon Eye Surveillance and Tracking platform ability for big fleet and user management.

  • Simple easy to operate video playback software.