Start Tracking

Free Dragon Eye Tracking Mobile Client for Personal Use or Business. Use all the Dragon Eye Tracking software features on your mobile phone.


• Real-time tracking - get to know your car speed, fuel consumption, view the exact address of your car location, get the most valuable information about your vehicle status.

• Notifications - know the most essential information about your car. Receive instant alerts and SOS alarms in the cases of theft, speeding, stopovers, or at the moments when your car suddenly leaves your marked geo zone.

• History and reports - ability to download the most important history or reports about your car. It may include all about your driving hours, the distance that you traveled, petrol consumption, your stopovers, or any other detailed reports.

• Geo fencing - set up geographic boundaries around the places or areas you are interested in. It may be your home territory, the area around your work, etc. Get instant alerts and know when your car left the geo zone immediately.

• Fuel savings - try out this fuel-saving mode on your car and know the car fuel consumption that you used along the route.

• POI - have some places or areas you are interested in? Add markers at these locations and have your point of interest just in front of you.

• Optional accessories - choose your favorite accessories and place them in your car. Different accessories include a camera, battery sensor, microphone, fuel tank sensor, etc.